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Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brasil Part-time

Linx+Neemu+Chaordic is changing the world of e-commerce, delivering to each user a unique and personalized experience while shopping online. We have the biggest database of behavioral data of the Latam market and we use it to build amazing products that deliver recommendations to millions of people everyday. o/


Our Data Scientists are on a mission to increment company value by applying statistics and machine learning techniques to our vast sea of data. We are looking for someone who can generate story from data and is willing to work in all stages of our pipeline.

You will be the go-to person when it comes to product performance analysis. Focusing exclusively on understanding the underlying mechanisms of how decisions can affect conversion, lift and other KPIs of our product suite. This is a position of high intra-company visibility since it requires frequent reporting to managers, directors and heads of all teams.


Core responsibilities:

  • Construct hypotheses that will serve as insights to improve product performance;

  • Design A/B tests in conjunction with the product development team;

  • Mine and wrangle our unstructured data to extract metrics and KPIs;

  • Analyze metrics and apply statistical hypothesis testing techniques to ascertain the effects of your experiments;

  • Report findings to co-workers with non-technical backgrounds.


Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience with Google Analytics;

  • Proven experience with any programming language focused on data analysis like Python, R, Julia or Scala;

  • Knowledge of statistical models for hypothesis testing;

  • Good data visualization skills;

  • Great communication skills;

  • Comfortable with Linux and Git.


You will like it =]