Full Stack Developer

Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brasil Full-time

Chaordic+Linx+Neemu are set to change the ecommerce world by giving each user a unique, exciting experience when shopping online!

We have the largest database on online shopping behavior this side of the Equator. We use it to build awesome recommendations that tens of millions of people use.

We need more people who can take this gigantic, ever-growing database and turn it into stuff that makes people's lives better. Yes, it's an open problem. Fraud protection? A social network? Robots? Lasers? We need people who will help shape our future.

Here are some signs you could be a good match:


  • You are a polyglot, multi-paradigm, non-dogmatic programmer. We don't care what your favorite language is as long as there are at least two of them.
  • You are a generalist who knows something really well. Maybe it's UX, or you can describe how database indices really work, or writing map-reduce jobs is second nature to you, but most important, given a little time and dedication, you can work your way out of any problem.
  • Related to the above, but particularly important, you are interested in the whole stack. There is no part of the system that is somebody's else problem.
  • You are independent and willing to work with other people without management.
  • You have a desire to achieve ultimate efficiency. You are proud to achieve great goals with few lines of code. Correctness, reliability and simplicity walks together (KISS).
  • Super bonus points if you are into Math and Statistics, Machine Learning, NLP, or trading systems. Like, 3x the points.


Besides that, with a DevOps mindset, there are some stuff that would be nice of you to know, such as: network protocols (TCP/IP, HTTP, DNS, SMTP etc), Monitoring Systems, virtualization and product experience with AWS (EC2, S3 and so on).

Here is just some of the things we use everyday: Scala, Node.js, Python, ElasticSearch, Hadoop and Spark, Cassandra, Ansible and Chef, Redis, Ruby, Java and all things AWS.

There are many sides to what we do. Our recommendations are calculated as map-reduce jobs, our API serves billions of requests with tight latency requirements, we have UIs that are used by millions of regular people every day, oh, and we also do excellent search. We have interesting problems everywhere.

If you choose to talk to us we'll exchange the usual pleasantries, then we'll geek out about what you know on the phone and, if all goes well, you'll come to our amazing office in sunny Florianopolis to meet the team.